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Design build construction consultants in Lagos

Design Build Construction: Fast-track construction process
Combining the roles of an engineer, construction manager, and architect, into a single entity, Arrow Infra's, home design and construction services offer an integrated plan, which focuses on the specific needs and requirements of your project. Years of experience in the industry has allowed for a strong foundation of our design build construction services. We use our expertise to deliver you the integrated design build construction and to meet the goals of your project.

With Arrow Infra's design build construction services, you allow youself the freedom from the coordinating the small nitti-gritties with builders and focus on the larger picture. Our comprehensive contract covers design engineering, construction, and architectural services. We employ professional staff in all areas, from scheduling, eliminating and procurement, to safety, construction administration, MEP coordination, and cost control. Our turnkey solution saves time and money by providing a complete construction turnkey; allowing you a faster design centric real estate which you only require to open the doors of after the construction.

Home design and construction in Lagos

Fastidious Performance

At Arrow Infra, the home design and construction company, we infuse life in all our designs. We try to use a complex approach in our designs to get satisfactory results. Our aim is to deliver sustainable & seamless building infrastructure, develop working and living spaces for all the communities or lead complex multidisciplinary projects.

What We Do

  • Contribute to the initial vision of the project with functional and aesthetic designs
  • Work with you to optimize budgets, allowing for larger savings
  • Oversees the entire project from start to finish
  • Use of sophisticated technology allows for faster and more accurate finishes
  • On-time project delivery allows you to save time, efforts and cost


A. Design-Build is one of the project delivery methods where Arrow Infra, the design build construction consultants, work under a particular contract to a comprehensive design, followed by project management and construction services. We take responsibility to ensure smooth coordination, thus reducing the burden for the client. We bring the teams of professionals together to deliver the works smoother, better and faster.

Mobile: +91 9811431604
Mobile: +91 9810631559
B-142, B Block, Gardenia Glory, Sector 46, Noida, Uttar Pradesh 201303